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Teeth Whitening

You Only Get One Smile To Make a Great First Impression – Teeth Whitening Provides An Amazing Smile!

• We offer the best teeth whitening methods in the area
• Tooth whitening is an affordable method to make your teeth look great fast
• Professional whitening typically far outperforms home whitening solution
• There are many different types of whitening solutions to choose from, Dr. Music will guide you through your options
• Let a 5-Star Rated dentist give you the best looking white teeth at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic dental procedures

Here at Elite Smile of Louisville, a primary service that we offer to our customers is teeth whitening. This service is designed to improve the overall appearance of your teeth to produce a whiter and more natural looking smile. When you’re thinking of scheduling a teeth whitening appointment with our dentists, you should first have a better understanding of what teeth whitening is and how you can benefit from the procedure.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

The basic goal of this treatment is to make your teeth whiter than they previously were by removing stains that have built up over time from coffee, soda, and similar substances. This is likely the most popular cosmetic dentistry service that we offer at Elite Smiles of Louisville because it provides immediate and notable benefits to the appearance of a person’s smile. Keep in mind that the benefits will lessen over time as more stains build up, which is why the procedure should be performed on a semi-regular basis if you want to keep your teeth white and stain-free.

Even if you brush your teeth twice every day and floss regularly, stains will occur because of pores that are found within the enamel on the surface of your teeth. These pores hold stains in place that won’t dissipate until you obtain some form of teeth whitening. The primary causes of a person’s teeth becoming stained include:
• Not practicing proper oral health care
• Using tobacco consistently
• Drinking liquids that have a darker color to them, which can include red wine, cola, and coffee

None of these issues are unavoidable, which means that practicing good oral health care techniques and reducing your use of tobacco should delay your need for teeth whitening.


Types of Teeth Whitening to Consider

There are various types of teeth whitening for you to consider when looking at ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. For instance, certain kinds of toothpaste consist of fluoride that can help brighten your teeth. However, the fluoride in this type of toothpaste isn’t very strong, which means that this solution is best used following professional teeth whitening.

Many people also use trays or strips to whiten their teeth. While these treatments are somewhat effective and can be performed at home, they can irritate the gums and may not provide you with the results you’re searching for. It’s difficult for strips to properly whiten the crevices and sides of a tooth, which can make for uneven results. On the other hand, the professional teeth whitening service that we provide can be highly effective. Because of the premium whitening gel used with this solution, your teeth can become 5-8 shades whiter than they previously were, which is a large improvement over other teeth whitening solutions.

At Elite Smiles, we offer many options for whitening. Our in-office Zoom! Whitening produces amazing results in only a couple hours of office time. Your teeth will stay bright for months, and we even send you home with a touch-up tray, so your results last even longer.
In addition, we offer custom trays that we make in-office, which allows patients to whiten on their own time. These trays are comfortable and can be worn on the go.

Our Opalescence snap-in trays are disposable trays that can also be worn on the go. They are an extremely affordable option and are also great for patients with sensitive teeth. 

How Our Professional Teeth Whitening Works

While we offer several teeth whitening solutions at Elite Smiles of Louisville, the primary treatment we provide uses a hydrogen peroxide solution to get through the enamel of your teeth. This solution then attacks the stains that have been absorbed into the enamel by transforming the molecules and essentially making them colorless, which allows your teeth to appear white once more. This teeth bleaching treatment can be used as many times as necessary. If your teeth are much darker than you would like them to be, two applications of the solution may be necessary to make sure that your teeth are as white as you want them to be.

Now that you know more about teeth whitening and all that it entails, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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