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If you’re in search of a snoring appliance from a top-rated dentist in Louisville, KY, you’ve found the right place! At Elite Smiles of Louisville, we believe all our patients deserve a great night of sleep that leaves them feeling well rested. Snoring often indicates that you are not breathing properly when you are sleeping, which is caused by a condition called sleep apnea. The resulting sounds can cause great disturbance for your loved ones – and if you are researching snoring appliances for someone you love, you know exactly how distracting snores can be.

What Is A Snoring Appliance?

A snoring appliance can provide both you and your partner or family an improved sleep experience. If your sleep apnea is not severe or your snoring is not caused by sleep apnea, you may be eligible to be fitted with a snoring appliance by our great dentists. This device, which simply rests in the mouth similar to a tooth guard or retainer while sleeping, is far less invasive than a CPAP machine and more effective in the long term than nasal strips and other over the counter remedies. We believe you deserve the best night’s sleep possible, so if you think a snoring appliance may be right for you, make an appointment with Elite Smiles of Louisville today.

How Do Snoring Appliances Work?

A snoring appliance simply sits in your mouth while you are sleeping. Your appliance is custom made for you by our dentists, form-fitted to your exact mouth shape for your comfort. The appliance works by moving the jaw forward, which reduces the effects of sleep apnea by increasing the size of the upper airway to reduce air resistance.

Snoring happens when the air has difficulty passing through your upper airway while you are sleeping, resulting in the production of sound. By increasing the upper airway, snoring appliances reduce snoring. A physician may recommend a snoring appliance to you in conjunction with other lifestyle changes, such as dietary or smoking, to increase the likelihood of success with the device.

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Is A Snoring Appliance Right For Me?

There are many reasons to strongly consider an oral mouthpiece as a snoring remedy over alternatives.
• Far cheaper and less invasive than costly surgery
• More effective than over the counter topical remedies and devices
• Small, comfortable and soundproof unlike large, noisy CPAP machines

How Do I Get My Snoring Appliance From Elite Smiles of Louisville?

If you think a snoring appliance may be right for you, don’t wait – call us today! One of our highly qualified dentists will consult with you about whether a snoring appliance is right for your health care needs, and if so, we will proceed with scheduling an appointment for a fitting! Helping you feel as great as possible is our goal, and we’re excited to help you find relief from your persistent snoring problem.

Struggling with snoring doesn’t have to be a constant argument or a health crisis any longer. If you’ve been plagued with snoring for years but costly surgeries are out of your budget, consider a snoring appliance from Elite Smiles of Louisville. Improve your night of sleep and your quality of life today!

Elite Smiles of Louisville is dedicated to providing quality care and service.

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