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Preventative Dental Care

When we think of our teeth we know that we should be brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Great oral hygiene is necessary in order to have a healthy mouth free of odors. At Elite Smiles of Louisville we feel that it’s important to practice preventative dentistry and with our services, we are in the practice of caring for your teeth.

Daily brushing and dental cleanings are forms of preventive dentistry. We recommend regular visits to our office in order to work out a plan to help keep your mouth on the healthy track.


The First Meeting

Once you have made an appointment at our office we check your gums and teeth. Our goal is for you to have a healthy mouth. During our review, we assess if there is any need for follow up treatment. If there is no treatment, then we proceed with regularly scheduled cleanings.

Our team will remove plaque and buildup. We then show you how to best clean your teeth between your visits to our office.

We review what you are eating and how the build-up from foods, especially sugars, can form on the teeth in the form of plaque. In order to avoid tooth decay, we advise less sugary drinks and foods. The bacteria in plaque makes sugar turn in to acid and this could cause tooth decay. The plaque could also cause swelling and soreness of the gums, also known as gum inflammation. We will go into depth about plaque and how it affects your teeth. We will also share more on which products are best for you to use. We are also well versed on strengthening teeth.

By cutting back on sugary drinks and snacks you can help your teeth. The foods that are better for your overall health are vegetables, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Gum disease and mouth cancer can be prevented by focusing on a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and minerals.

Further, drinking and smoking can affect gums and teeth. Smoking stains the teeth and then may cause mouth cancer, tooth loss and could make any gum disease worse. By being a smoker you will need to visit our office more often.
If you smoke and drink you are more at risk of mouth cancer. Some alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar, and some mixed drinks may contain acids. So the two, sugar and acids, can cause decay or erosion if you are drinking them often.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

The benefits of preventive dentistry are many. By being on the preventive side you could avoid conditions such as denture stomatitis and mouth cancer. These conditions can be seen only if you are having regular visits.

If a tooth is weak and may break, then our team of specialists will advise that you have a filling placed in or an onlay in order to protect the tooth. The aim would be to avoid any emergency situations pertaining to your mouth.

Ways to Start Teeth Care

At Elite Smiles of Louisville we want everyone’s smile to be healthy. In order to make certain, you are putting your best smile forward here is a list of what you can do before your appointment with us:

• Brush your teeth at night and at least once during the daytime
• Clean between your teeth with floss
• Use a mouthwash as they contain antibacterial ingredients which can help to prevent decay and gum disease
• Cut your intake of sugary drinks and foods
• Usage of straw will help the drink to skip touching your teeth
• Visit Elite Smiles of Louisville now to begin your healthy teeth treatment


Elite Smiles of Louisville is dedicated to providing quality care and service.

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