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Botox for TMJ Relief

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the two joints that connect the jawbone to the rest of the skull. These joints and the muscles controlling the jaw can leave you in pain and discomfort, in which case you will know that you have a TMJ disorder. There are various therapies, medications, and medical devices that can be used to treat the disorder, and one of the rarest is the use of BOTOX®.
Our dentists at Elite Smiles can provide BOTOX® injections in a stress-free setting and with warm, personalized patient care at every step. This is how BOTOX® can benefit those with TMJ pain.

BOTOX® for TMJ Relief

Botox Relief for TMJ
The causes of TMJ disorders range from genetics to jaw injuries. Symptoms include jaw pain and tenderness, joint pain, and aching around the ear. You may hear a clicking sound when chewing food and have difficulty chewing. When the joint becomes misaligned, the jaw can lock up. Those with TMJ disorders also tend to grind or clench their teeth either while awake or while asleep, damaging their teeth as a consequence. Lastly, they may experience migraines.

BOTOX® can first relieve the pain associated with TMJ disorders by preventing the muscles from moving the jaw in detrimental ways: that is, moving it in the ways that lead to unconscious teeth clenching and grinding. This, in turn, relieves patients’ pain, jaw tenderness, earaches, and headaches and gives patients greater freedom in moving their mouth.


We will likely inject the BOTOX® into the:

• Frontalis muscle
• Temporalis muscles
• Masseter muscle

The frontalis muscle is in the forehead and controls facial expressions, especially the lifting of the eyebrows. Tension in the jaw muscles will create tension in this muscle, which produces headaches. Jaw tension also affects the temporalis muscles, which are located at your temples. Injecting the frontalis and temporalis muscles, then, can rid you of the headaches.

The masseter muscle helps with chewing. In those who clench or grind their teeth, this muscle becomes enlarged. Injecting the muscle with BOTOX® can provide a reasonably long-lasting solution, then, to the condition of teeth grinding and clenching. As a bonus, it will slim the jawline. It should be noted that injecting the masseter muscle is not one of the approved uses for BOTOX®, so discretion is advised.

The BOTOX® Procedure

BOTOX® injections are a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure; we can complete it in one to two hours, depending on the number of injection sites.

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Let us customize a BOTOX® treatment plan for you. We think you’ll find our rates to be affordable; we also offer financing via CareCredit for those with approved credit. You can get ahold of Elite Smiles today to learn more about this unique TMJ treatment.

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